London is officially the most dynamic city in Europe

    London has been named Europe’s most dynamic city based on infrastructure investment, population growth forecasts and its ability to attract talent.

    The top five European destinations identified by Savills Investment Management are London, Paris, Cambridge, Amsterdam and Berlin, based on six categories including innovation, inspiration, inclusion, interconnection, investment and infrastructure.

    Looking long-term, London looks set to remain a leader in Europe, thanks to initiatives such as the London infrastructure plan 2050, which involves more than £1trn of investment covering housing, transport, digital infrastructure and basic services.

    Kiran Patel, chief investment officer at Savills Investment Management, said: “Europe’s most dynamic cities are future-proofing themselves by creating environments that encourage the growth of a ‘knowledge economy,’ which will increasingly drive wealth creation.

    “The report shows that size isn’t everything: while some ‘supercities’ such as London and Paris are consolidating their already dominant positions, smaller cities such as Cambridge, Edinburgh, Dublin and Stockholm are well positioned to grow in influence over the coming years and are likely to become increasingly attractive locations for property investment.”

    Date: 03/07/2017  |  Source: Property Investor Today

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