Why Invest in London?

London has become the number one destination for global investors within the luxury residential property sector. Since the banking collapse, and more recent global crisis, including Europe and the Middle East, foreign buyers are in search of security and a safe haven for their funds.

Prime central London has the most expensive entry point for investment and delivers the lowest yields, but has performed the best for capital appreciation over the last 20 years. When equities rise and fall, residential property returns have historically remained stable, averaging 14% per annum since 1970. For those investors seeking a safer, lower risk option, prime residential property is a necessity in any investment portfolio.

Investing in prime London residential property provides the investor with an alternative asset class, a key ingredient to a balanced portfolio. This asset class has out performed other asset classes over the past 30 years.

Residential property is a more familiar and tangible investment option than many other asset classes such as cash, bonds, stocks and shares, and even commercial property, which has shown to be more volatile over time.

Due to the shortage of prime residential property in central London, attributed to a shortage of space and very little land available for new development, competition is rife amongst buyers. Due to the lack of supply and increase in demand, and with both domestic and international buyers vying for the best available properties in London's top locations, prime residential property will continue to rise in value for the foreseeable future.

It is therefore very important to locate and proceed with the optimal investment available, and LPP's knowledge, experience, insight and professional management offers our investors the best opportunities, along with the potential for excellent returns on their investment.

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